Decorating Ideas for Kids and their Families with Wall Decals

Wall decals are a great and considerably inexpensive way to change the look of any room of the house. With so many different design, color, and style options out there; you can do almost anything. There are many themes and styles you can go for that would make your room stand out. Here are a few ideas that you could go for.


Go Wild

Whether your children love animals or you just like the jungle, there are a number of animal decals that can help you achieve that look.

You could go for a funny monkey, or put up silhouettes of scenes from the jungle to give your room that outdoors vibe. Coupling these decals with fake plants and earthy paint colors on the walls will add to the illusion even more.

Wax Lyrical

If you’re setting up a home office or kid’s study room, you can add some smart quotes to keep you inspired. A quote wall decal is also good for teenagers who want to make a statement through their room decoration.

The family or dining room can also always benefit from a prayer or a strong positive message on the walls.

Get Musical

While music wall decals are most popularly used in music studios and band practice areas, you can also use them to make any room more rock n roll. Add a crowd for your child’s hairbrush singing or add some musical notes to keep them in the right state of mind during music practice.

Be Nautical

Coupled with blue and aqua colored wall paper or paint, adding some nautical themed wall decals can transform any room into the bottom of the ocean. You could go for that or simply turn your room into the deck of a ship with wooden flooring and ship themed wall decals.

There are many designs that could help you turn your child’s room into a pirate’s adventure.

Get Tactical

Whether you’re a veteran yourself or just a fan of the military, there are many military themed options when it comes to wall decals. You could re-enact a whole battle scene or add some military hardware to your walls. You can show your support for the troops while making your room look more badass at the same time.

Praise the Lord

If you are religious, and want to add blessing to any of your rooms, you could choose from a host of religious wall decal options. This includes religious symbols and icons in addition to quotes from scripture and holy books.

Be Sporting

Fans of sports and sports teams will find a large amount of wall decal options to their liking. You could put up the likeness of your favorite player or embellish the walls with logos of your favorite teams. There are also many sports images and designs that will highlight your interest in a certain sport and your passion for it.